Shading systems

Shutters provide protection against the noise and from various weather conditions. The design of the panels are really important as they are a constant aesthetic element of your home. You can choose from our broad spectrum of products in order to find the one that fits your wishes the most.
The louvers and color variations give you limitless options, whether you opt for the manual or the motorized shutters..

Plastic Shutters

This type of shutters is the most common on in our country. It is easy to install and provides complete darkness for a good price.

Plastered Shutters

This system allows the shutters to blend in the facade of the house, due to the design of the box that contains the rolled up shutter that makes it not visible.

Motorized Shutters

Whether you choose to go for the wired or wireless option both are designed for your convenience. You can close and open your shutters only by the push of a button. You can program it that it fits your schedule. Thanks to the integration of the safety sensor, it can sense anything blocking it’s path, and the mechanism will stop the engine if that is the case.